Rolen to DL,Costanzo to the Big Leagues

After all the bad-mouthing of Scott Rolen last night via Twitter, Reds fan will not be seeing Rolen play for a while. Scott Rolen who was batting .174 this year with only 11 RBIs will be heading to the 15-day disabled list with a hurt left shoulder.

The Reds purchased the contract of Mike Costanzo from AAA Louisville to take Rolen’s spot on the active roster. Costanzo was batting .291 this year in Louisville with 11 RBIs and three homeruns. Costanzo is 28 years old and was selected by the Phillies in the second round of the 2005 MLB June Amateur Draft, Costanzo has played for three different organizations, and he has been with the Reds organization since 2010. He is expected to dress tonight for the Reds game and he will make his MLB debut when he plays.

I like this move for a couple different reasons; number one is that we now have a left-handed bat on the bench, which always is helpful. The second reason is he has been tearing up the competition in the minors and I think that he is ready, not to play every day, but to fill in whenever needed.


Should MLB Players get paid When They are Injured?

                 Maybe the most controversial topic in baseball and sports in general is should players get paid when they are injured. Many people believe that they shouldn’t get paid if they don’t play as do I. Why do you say that is the question you may have if you are disagreeing with me, well do “common” people get paid when they don’t work? No they don’t so why should MLB players get paid when they don’t play or “work?”

For example, Albert Pujols is scheduled to make $12,000,000 this year. Let’ say he tears his ACL and is out for the rest of the season. (I don’t wish this to him or to any player; this is just for an example.) He would have played 28 this season so far, so 12,000,000 divided by 162 is approximately $74,074 a GAME, that is a pretty good amount of money.  If he got paid after every game, he would have made $2,074,072 so far this year, if he didn’t play another game this season I think that he should have earned $2,074,072 rather than 12,000,000 since he only played 28 games, I think that he shouldn’t get paid for the 134 games he didn’t play, but things don’t work that way, he would get paid as if he played the whole 162 game season, which he did not. So, basically I’m saying that players should get paid for the games they play in rather than just getting paid what he would make in 162 games when he only played in 28 games.A certain amount of money shouldn’t be “guaranteed” to a player, in my opinion you should have to “earn” your pay, you don’t play, you don’t get paid, it’s that simple. Nothing is guaranteed in life, so why should money be guaranteed?


Things looking up in the Nation’s Capital?

If I would have told you that the Nationals were in first place in the NL East anytime in the last several years you wouldn’t have believed me. You would have said something like this, “The Nationals? The horrible team in the nation’s capital? They are in first place? Yeah, right!” Well, that’s not the case anymore; the Nationals are in first place in the NL East after finishing last in the division in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010. The Nationals now are 18-9 and they are sitting pretty in the top spot of the NL East. The Nats are 5-5 in their last 10 games but they are currently riding a nice 4 game win streak.


Why have the Nationals been doing so well? Well, I can tell you one reason, and that is pitching. The Nationals have the best team ERA in the MLB right now with a low 2.36 ERA.  The Nats pitching lead the league in least homeruns given up with 63; they also lead the MLB in team strikeouts with 228.  That’s not all either, Nats opponents have only hit .208 this year, that’s pretty good pitching if I say so myself. With the pitching rotation of the Nats having Stephen Strasburg, Gio Gonzalez, and Edwin Jackson you should expect more dominate pitching from this club in the future.


The National’s bats on the other hand aren’t doing the best; the Nats have a team batting average of .238 which makes them the 23rd best in the MLB. The power hitting hasn’t been there for the Nationals this year either, they have only 18 team homeruns which is the 25th best in the MLB. The hitting hasn’t been quite “there” yet but I expect them to pick it up here pretty soon, with a lineup with Jayson Werth,Adam LaRoche, and newly called up Bryce Harper, this team should be able to start getting more runs.


Stat Leaders

Batting average- Adam LaRoche- .311

Runs-Ian Desmond-15

Homeruns-Ian Desmond-4

RBI-Adam LaRoche-17

Stolen Bases-Jayson Werth-3

Wins-Ross Detwiler-3

Saves-Henry Rodriguez-6

Strikeouts-Gio Gonzalez-41

ERA-Ross Detwiler-1.59

WHIP-Jordan Zimmermann- 0.84


          I believe that the Nationals will win their division, call me crazy but that’s just what I think, the reason I think the Nats will win the NL East the most is because teams can’t win if they can’t score. Teams have not been scoring very well against the Nats because of their great pitching. I feel that the Nats can score enough runs to support their pitchers, there isn’t much pressure on the batters because the pitchers need little run support. I think the bats will come around, it’s just a matter of time, they have a decent lineup that will hit the ball.








Yankees Closer Role

TORN ACL is the worst news a sports fan could hear, ever. Yankees heard this horrible phrase when the Yankees announced that Mariano Rivera had torn his ACL while shagging balls out in the outfield before the game, like he always does.  How big of an impact will this injury have on the Yankees? A big one, Rivera is the all time saves leaders with 608 career saves and he has been the closer for the Yankees since 1997.


The question is who will close games for the Yankees this season since Mariano is out for the year? There are two options for the closer role in my opinion. The number one option in my opinion is David Robertson. Robertson, the 27 year old right handed pitcher has a 0-0 record this year. He has appeared in 11 games this season and has only allowed 7 hits while striking out 18 batters. Not to mention his still perfect ERA. David is the best replacement for Mo, the only bad thing is that Robertson hasn’t closed games on a consistent basis; he does have 3 career saves though.


The Yankees could also have 32 year old Rafael Soriano close out ball games. Soriano has a 2-0 record this year with a 2.00 ERA. In 9.0 innings pitched this year, Soriano has allowed 11 hits and he has struck out 8 batters. The only advantage that Soriano has over Robertson in getting the closer job is that Soriano has been a closer before. He led the league in saves in the 2010 season with 45 saves for the Tampa Bay Rays; Soriano has 90 career saves in 11 MLB seasons. Soriano is good, but I just don’t see him being the closer for the Yankees, I think that he is a great set-up man and that’s what he should and will continue to do.


Many thought Mariano may never pitch again when the news of the injury first came out.  Mariano said that he really didn’t know if he would pitch again last night. The good news is: Mariano said this to reporters earlier today, “I’m coming back,” Rivera said. “Write it down, in big letters. I’m not going out like this.”  So, Mariano plans to pitch in the 2013 MLB season when he will be 43 years old.


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Harper’s MLB Debut

Since the 2010 MLB Amateur Draft, most baseball fans have waited for one thing in particular. That particular thing is Bryce Harper’s MLB debut, the fans that have waited for Bryce’s debut will “finally” get what they want tonight when the Washington Nationals visit the Los Angeles Dodgers at 9 PM ET. Harper will bat seventh in the Nationals’ batting order.

Harper, who is rated the No.2 prospect by’s Jonathan Mayo, will finally get to put on a big league uniform for the first time tonight. Baseball America rated Bryce Harper as the No. 1 prospect, as many MLB fans think he is. Harper will be facing the Dodgers’ right handed starting pitcher, Chad Billingsley. Billingsley got roughed up in his last start against the Houston Astros, he went 3.1 innings with 4 hits given up, and he also had 5 earned runs in a 12-0 loss to the Astros.

I am going to boldly predict that Harper will go 1-4 with a strike out, two ground outs and I think he will hit a homerun in his very first MLB at bat. Am I crazy for saying he will hit a bomb in his first AB?

Reds Weekly Farm Report (Bakersfield Blaze) 4/23)


                Hello blog readers, if you have been following  me on Twitter, you might of saw me tweet about starting a new weekly write up for my blog. Well, this is it, every week I am going to write a blog entry about a farm team in the Cincinnati Reds organization. I will basically cover how each team is doing and I will tell about how the “top prospects” are doing.  This week I will be going over the Reds Class A Advanced team, the Bakersfield Blaze. Next week will be over the Pensacola BlueWahoos (AA) and the week after that, I will be writing about the Louisville Bats. (AAA)


                The Blaze has had a decent season so far though 17 games, they have went 7-10 through their last ten games. Team wise, the Blaze are hitting for a .242 batting average so far this year, the team has 35 stolen bases, 14 homeruns and 69 RBIS. As far as pitching goes, the Blaze are about average so far this season, the pitching staff is 10-7 with a 3.19 ERA, which is the best in the California League. They are currently in second place in the California League.


                Billy Hamilton , the 21 year old shortstop has been  outstanding in this young season, in 64 at bats, Hamilton has 24 hits, 6 doubles, three triples, 11 RBIS, 1 homerun, and 16 stolen bases and he has a great .375 batting average. Hamilton leads the team in batting average, stolen bases, triples, doubles, hits, runs scored, and at bats. That’s a pretty good offensive season so far if you ask me and I expect this same production out of Billy for a good part of this season.


                Tucker Barnhart,the 21 year old catcher from Indianapolis Indiana, has started off rather slow this season so far. Barnhart who hit .273 just a year ago for the Dayton Dragons is only hitting .162 this season with only four hits in 37 at bats. Tucker has also struck out 13 times so far this season. Why is Tucker struggling? I think it’s just a slump to be honest, I know that he can hit better than he is now and I believe he will climb out of his slump soon.


            Kyle Lotzkar the 22 year old starting pitcher who was drafted in the first round of the 2007 MLB Amatuer Draft is doing great so far in this young season. He is 2-0 with a low 1.69 ERA with 17 strikeouts in 16.0 innings pitched. Kyle has started three games this season, he has gone six innings two times and he went only four innings in one start. I believe he will keep up his dominating performance for the rest of the season, I also think that he might get called up to AA Pensacola by the end of the year along with teammate, Billy Hamilton.