Should MLB Players get paid When They are Injured?

                 Maybe the most controversial topic in baseball and sports in general is should players get paid when they are injured. Many people believe that they shouldn’t get paid if they don’t play as do I. Why do you say that is the question you may have if you are disagreeing with me, well do “common” people get paid when they don’t work? No they don’t so why should MLB players get paid when they don’t play or “work?”

For example, Albert Pujols is scheduled to make $12,000,000 this year. Let’ say he tears his ACL and is out for the rest of the season. (I don’t wish this to him or to any player; this is just for an example.) He would have played 28 this season so far, so 12,000,000 divided by 162 is approximately $74,074 a GAME, that is a pretty good amount of money.  If he got paid after every game, he would have made $2,074,072 so far this year, if he didn’t play another game this season I think that he should have earned $2,074,072 rather than 12,000,000 since he only played 28 games, I think that he shouldn’t get paid for the 134 games he didn’t play, but things don’t work that way, he would get paid as if he played the whole 162 game season, which he did not. So, basically I’m saying that players should get paid for the games they play in rather than just getting paid what he would make in 162 games when he only played in 28 games.A certain amount of money shouldn’t be “guaranteed” to a player, in my opinion you should have to “earn” your pay, you don’t play, you don’t get paid, it’s that simple. Nothing is guaranteed in life, so why should money be guaranteed?




  1. Mateo Fischer

    I think that this is a valid point, but I also think that players should get paid SOMEthing. We often think of the Carl Pavanos of the world when addressing this problem, but you also have to think of the MiLB player who completely relies on that check coming every month. Also, they are doing work, except it’s rehab instead of playing. So maybe only getting paid half what you would have otherwise been earning?

    • brendanhenderson

      Very good point. I was talking about MlB players,sorry if I wasn’t clear, I know MILB need the check but we all know MLB players don’t. I do like your idea about getting paid half. I might change up the blog post tonight a little since you brought up such good points I never thought of. That’s why you don’t write a blog entry late at night when your tired. Haha

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